Strategy + Story + Execution = Results

Getting You the Attention You Deserve

Every organization has an impact to make, so how do they maximize that impact? They need to be strategic, clear and execute flawlessly. DMS Communications promises to keep you intentional from your strategy, to your implementation to the final results. At the end of the day, it’s your story. Let’s tell it together really well.


You know your organization can make an impact, but where is your roadmap for reaching the most people, clients and partners? Every organization is unique, so you’ll need an individualized comprehensive marketing and communications plan that establishes your brand story, sets achievable goals and provides a roadmap to get there. Your organization is the vehicle and DMS Communications is the mapmaker.

You need to connect with the public, showing them that your organization offers the best solution to solve their collective problem. Whether it’s a campaign, public initiatives and issues, proposed legislation, or reputation management, our firm will partner with you to develop and execute a communications plan that combines government relations, media communications, grassroots initiatives, and alliance building that will further our client’s and the public’s interests.

Smart companies invest in PR, because they recognize they need to develop a meaningful and beneficial relationship with the public, and more specifically, their target audience.

People spend more and more of their time on social channels, and so it’s critical to reach them where they are, connecting and engaging.

When you’re falling through the sky, it’s a little late to think about a parachute. No organization is invulnerable to crisis, so at DMS Communications, we don’t wait for a crisis to hit.

David Schmit founded DMS Communications in 2014 because every person and organization has a story to tell, but often these stories aren’t being shared, or being told ineffectively. An award-winning journalist, political strategist, and filmmaker, Schmit takes a strategic approach to communications, finding the best way to tell a story and then ensuring it reaches its intended audience.

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